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AHH Chair Massage (1 day course)

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Australian Healing Hands was designed by Mette's Institute of Bodywork & Personal Development Pty Ltd. And our vision is to bring the awareness of touch to as many people as possible.

Australian Healing Hands chair massage is a chance for you to spread the healing touch of massage to your friends, family and clients. It adds yet another skill to your business or it may provide the beginning of your new life in massage! No prior massage experience required. Come and learn:

"Wow! What a fun and fulfilling way to learn such a great technique! The place was so full of energy and I had a great time and feel I can go out there and use my own healing hands to massage my friends, family and anyone else who wants a great massage. I am so happy I bought a chair too. It is fantastic! Thanks"

You will receive a certificate on completion of AHH Chair Massage Course.