Leadership & Facilitation

An eight day program giving participants a unique style of training which incorporates traditional leadership and facilitator methodologies and tools. This program has a very practical approach and real situations are simulated to give participants the skills to be able to confidently design and deliver appropriate and effective training programs to groups and individuals The benefits of the Leadership training, has a very broad application. Whether you are a yoga teacher, personal trainer, presenter of corporate programs, business leader, or a parent, this program will enable you to be clear and honest in your communication and promote a change within a group and its individuals.

Subjects included:

  • Group dynamics – theory and practice
  • How to create atmosphere
  • How to gain strength and energy to lead and facilitate
  • Games/Ice Breakers
  • Holistic strategies for leading/facilitating groups
  • How to maintain overview and flow in a process
  • Communication – speech and body language
  • Presentation, planning and time management
  • How to achieve student participation through a “yes” attitude
  • Design and layout of training programs

Benefits of the training:

  • Develop a clear understanding of your true purpose and potential in life
  • Become a confident, empowered leader/facilitator
  • Make learning interesting, fun and effective
  • Be dynamic in healing the world and yourself
  • Experiential training – you are the facilitator from the moment you arrive
  • Train with a small group of like-minded people (12-18)
  • Design your own programs – live in/live out; short/long
  • Deal with constant challenges easily and with skill
  • Lifestyle management – earn money expressing your gifts
  • Create your dreams and participate in changing the world

Mette’s Book: ‘PASS IT ON’

A Workbook for Facilitators & Educators of Alternative Therapies

Mette’s practical workbook for Facilitators & Educators features a range of creative activities for Team Building, Reflection and Trust.

Each section provides games and insights to assist the development of group dynamics:

  • Shift Energy – Create an Atmosphere
  • Help People Learn – Allow “Mistakes”
  • Make Learning Easy – Remember names
  • A Leader or a Follower – Express your Voice
  • Connect to Emotions – Develop a Sense of Play
  • Move the Body – Deep Listening
  • Being Juicy – Have Fun!

Students about the training . . .

Developing your skills

Do you want to be a competent, confident and compassionate facilitator? Working well with groups to harness the wisdom of everyone present, for the best outcome, requires more than experience in the role of running a meeting or leading a team. Development of effective communication and leadership skills, self-awareness and actively applying compassion are all required to be a good facilitator.

Benefits of participating in our leadership & facilitation training include maxising your capacity to:

  • Manage challenging behaviour and stand by those experiencing pain or anger.
  • Help people open up to others’ views or generate their own new ideas.
  • Foster a sense of safety and belonging to allow people to be their best.
  • Support people to have courageous conversations, particularly when they are experiencing strong emotions.
  • Reduce frustration and save time and money through clear design, planning and preparation.
  • Work well with diversity, rank and power without shaming.
  • Make group work more engaging and dynamic.
  • Become a more effective collaborator in decision-making for greater ownership and impact.

Who is this for?

This leadership & Facilitation training is for you if your role includes being responsible for others, leading in a group or team setting – from personal meetings to project or campaign sessions.

Why with us?

Our emphasis on emotional resilience is a key point of difference in doing this deeper work with us. It helps you handle challenges much more effectively, to be ready to step in and stand by individuals, the group or yourself. It helps develop greater self-compassion – a springboard for the ability to hear and understand each other.

Mette’s Institute use their extensive experience and capacity to hold an environment where the dynamics of the group can flourish. This provides you with reflections and genuine feedback from your peers which, together with specific in-session coaching, can open up powerful new insights about how you operate.

Mette’s Institute trains you in more than technique: we support you to strengthen your courage to intervene and equalise power in the room, so your participants are free to focus on their goals, not the dynamics. We offer an enjoyable learning environment, with delicious meals, light-filled training rooms and leafy outdoor spaces. This is a well-supported emotional learning adventure, to rearrange your internal landscape – which is why we can say you’ll never be the same again.