Women's Retreats

Spirit of Woman Elemental

In the company of other women, you get to be YOU again. Not somebody’s wife or partner; mother or daughter; manager, colleague or assistant. This retreat is all about YOU. Nurture your soul and fan the flame of your passion. Regain inner strength and develop the courage to reach your highest potential.

About this Retreat

The elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire form the foundation, intention and structure of this profoundly healing women’s retreat. During 5 days, you are guided through deep, sacred rituals to discover more of who you truly are, offering strategies and processes to enhance your life in a dynamic and supporting environment.

On Retreat every day is a ceremony and ritual for you as a woman:

  • EARTH is all about getting grounded and honoring your body
  • AIR is all about your mind and forming new successful habits
  • WATER is all about cleansing the mind-body and expressing emotions in a healthy way
  • FIRE is all about passion and sensuality, shining your light with ease and grace

For your stay you will be massaged, nurtured with beautiful fresh foods, and cleansed with clay masks and saunas. Watch the sunrise with kangaroos while doing morning yoga. Rediscover your passion, inner strength and the courage to unfold to your highest potential. Expect a deep dive into soul searching, set new life goals and return home with fresh new positive energy and clarity.

The Retreat Days are Spent

  • Developing female awareness
  • Connecting with the five elements during daily ceremonies
  • Accessing and recording your dreams to achieve miracles
  • Indulging in love & friendships
  • Finding your voice
  • Discovering your core values
  • Doing nature walks, yoga & guided meditations
  • Laughing lots & eating well
  • Enjoying daily sauna, spa, clay masks & swims in the pool
  • Learning chair massages
  • Receiving KaHuna massages

SPIRIT OF WOMAN Retreats are powerful yet gentle programs that will connect you to your Original Gifts, strengthen your sense of Worth, and reveal the Powerful Woman you really are!

Dawn’s reflection on the past twelve years as a facilitator of Spirit of Woman . . .

Reflecting on the past twelve years, what has surprised me most as a facilitator of Spirit of Woman is the consistency of response from the hundreds of women who have completed the retreat. One would expect a variety of responses from a variety of women – mostly positive, to be sure, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Mette and I receive incredible feedback and heartfelt expressions of gratitude each time from the participants themselves and sometimes from family members – partners, children. I put this success down to the strength of the program, our strong and sensitive team of facilitators and helpers, and most of all to the women themselves who come to us for an array of personal reasons and who demonstrate curiosity, courage, and trust. Perhaps another thing that has surprised me is how it is possible for women together from diverse backgrounds – professional & corporate women, home-makers, sex workers, law enforcement, free spirits, office workers, arts workers, bodyworkers, nurses, teachers (just to name a few) and to witness and support each other without reservation or judgement.

The biggest benefit I derive is my own continuing personal growth. In ‘walking my talk’ for twelve years I have stripped away layers of confusion, fear, anger and distrust to reveal the woman I knew deep down was always there. I am clear about my goals and boundaries, I communicate effectively and I am the most content I have ever been. Friends and family delight in my company and I in theirs. I have enormous satisfaction in my professional life and meet challenges with ease and grace (mostly!). I can honestly say I really like myself and I love my life! The second biggest benefit I receive is the privilege of bearing witness to that same powerful growth in hundreds of other women.

I would recommend every single woman to do the Spirit of Woman retreat. Just do it. It’s a gift you give not only to yourself but to your family, friends and community. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living or where you are on the rainbow spectrum of sexuality; whether you are in crisis, a time of change, or simply want a change of scenery (or scene). Spirit of Woman offers you an opportunity to rest, recalibrate, refocus and re-energise. You will walk back into your daily life a stronger, clearer and more loving version of yourself. And that will have a powerful ripple effect in your family and community. What’s that line from the Marianne Williamson poem? “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”
Amen to that.

Aloha & Mahalo
Dawn Albinger

What participants say about the Spirit of Woman Retreat

At the end of the world’s longest running play, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, the cast swears the audience to silence on who done it. They keep their promise because they had a ball and want other people to experience the same thrill.

There’s no such request at the Spirit of Women retreat, but participants keep the secret anyway, not just of the incredible finale, but the journey to it. You’ll know why if you decide to be in the story.

It was not something I would have chosen to do. Who needs a 1960‘s throwback, and anyway, there’s bound to be stuff I wouldn’t be caught dead doing. But my new sister-in-law Dawn is co-host of the retreat and she said it would be good for me and asked me nicely and I said yes.

When 20 women from all over – Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and locals from the Sunshine Coast – arrived at the Kin Kin main hall, I thought this cannot work. Everyone so different – ages, personal styles, lifestyles, wealth, work, family types. Most like me – wary. When we asked each other why were we here we realised all bar one had the same reply – a friend or relative said it would be good for us. A must do. And none of them would give any detail. Their vibe was the advertisement. Some of us were unhappy – relationship bust ups, a cancer scare, heavy caring loads. All of us needed a recharge.

Five days later, as we sat in a circle writing I looked around and marveled at these relaxed, powerful, confident women. I knew them all better and I liked every single one of them. I noticed that they looked, well, transformed. Younger. More beautiful. And that was before the best party I’ve ever been too.

I can explain this mostly by the presence of Dawn, the retreat’s leader Mette, and their assistants. They are all great entertainers as well as teachers, and they all participate in the program rather than stand apart. The detox helps too – delectable vegetarian food, fresh, fresh air, pool and sauna. You’re not pampered as such – you work hard sometimes – but you are explored – by yourself and by others.

By the end I felt we’d all been in a play, rediscovering our joy in living and in meeting other women. It’s magic.

Yes, I’ve recommended the retreat to friends. And no, I won’t tell you anything more about it. It works because you don’t know and you’re prepared to enter the unknown. But I will tell you one thing about how the retreat changed me.

I never sing because I can’t. My voice sticks in my throat and is horribly off key. On the last night I sang solo, big and deep and easy on the ear. And I was happy.

Thinking of you and our time together still fills my heart with warmth and joy and also a feeling of excitement, like we’re sharing a secret. I have to admit that the bonding between us women has been for me so much stronger than any before. I feel very connected with all of you and it surprises me in a way. It’s a great feeling.

I can now see past women’s masks and I could imagine them all feeling comfortable with themselves.

I feel privileged to have seen the growth & beauty shine in myself & all the other women

This course was beyond belief & expectations. It is something every woman should experience. Sensational!