Join our Transformative KaHuna 1 & 2 Practitioner Level

8 – 13 November 2022

Experience 6 days at High Spirits Retreat to learn everything you need to know to feel confident giving KaHuna massage to help transform yourself and your life.

Designed to teach the basic KaHuna bodywork so you leave confident in giving a full body massage.

Beyond learning massage, you will be journeying through a unique mindfulness and personal development process, that will truly change you life .

Never given a massage? No worries. No previous experience required. We will guide you every step of the way.

Have you be dreaming of . . .

fulfilling a long held dream of becoming a KaHuna bodyworker?

learning more about alternative therapies and improving your health and life while at the same time experiencing a week long detox and cleanse for your body and mind?

experiencing a learning holiday that leaves you refreshed, and with a whole lot of new tools and skills to transform your life without the hangovers, feeling like you need a holiday to recover from your holiday?

a mindfulness and personal development process that is a body based modality so you can stop some of that talk therapy and really heal?

being surrounded by great people who are there to support and grow with you?

becoming a qualified practitioner of bodywork and able to access professional insurance?

Is that a resounding YES? Then this is the course for you!

Learn to give and receive a full-body KaHuna massage and gain the professional knowledge to transform how you work, live and play!

So Much More Than a Massage Course

Set a Solid Professional Foundation

Over 6 days and 5 nights you will learn the learn and practice the basic techniques of KaHuna flow: massage the back and front of the body, face massage, aura massage, body balancing, body reading, clinic ethics, how to work with clients.

You will also be guided through essential self-care practices and techniques enhancing your body awareness to prevent burnout as a bodyworker for as long as you like.

There will be daily meditation and relaxation sessions – you will be learning techniques that you can use yourself and to share with your clients, to help develop and deeper and longer lasting effect from each treatment.

Permission to Grow

Since 1994 people from all walks of life, the world over, have been travelling to study with Mette’s Institute.

They come to experience the deep immersion of a tried and tested in-person training, as a retreat style experience and now you can too!

When you arrive, you unplug from the daily bustle and begin a week long detox of your body, mind and spirit with wholesome nutritious foods, daily sauna’s and experiential and proven instruction in KaHuna bodywork and Huna philosophy. You have permission to leave the outside world and your stories behind as you transform your beliefs, values and habits. You’ll have access to the best tools of the trade and be schooled on clean, clear massage industry etiquette.

Vibrant Tribe

One of the things past students always comment on are the connections they’ve made on our retreats. Being part of a vibrant, fun and loving family-like dynamic is truly special – and many of those relationships still sustain them long after the training ends… Because we are all one big loving Ohana.

So when you arrive you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who also value personal growth and professional development, who bring the willingness and preparedness to go deep and show up for their growth and yours, and who are aware that there is so much more to the mind/body healing process than most other massage courses offer.

Your tribe is not limited to the participants of the course you will be expertly guided through your journey by Mette herself and her well trained team.

Meet your course creator

Mette Sorensen

Personal Development, Wellness & Bodywork

Mette Sorensen is the creator behind some of Asia Pacific’s most comprehensive and insightful personal development and bodywork training programs.

In 1994, with her husband Jorgen, she established Mette’s Institute and has since trained thousands of people in bodywork, creative movement, wellness and personal development methods.

Mette’s teachings help people develop the necessary skills, strategies and wisdom to become highly confident.

Her KaHuna bodywork and personal development trainings have been the cornerstone for many people’s radical personal and professional transformations.

We massage your body so you can get out of your mind

— Mette Sorensen

Course Schedule


Tuesday 8 November 2022

Check-in at 11 am and registration

Lunch 12 noon

First session 2 pm


Sunday 13 November 2022

Professional Supervised Clinic

Lunch 1 pm

Departure 2 pm

What a day may look like:

We are on “island time” so we can change the program to suit the students’ needs, weather and other circumstances that may occur from time to time.

  • 5.00 am – 7.00 am
    • Sunrise sauna, swim, nature walk, moving meditation.
  • 7:00 am – 6.00 pm:
    • Nutritious, wholesome breakfast & Lunch, swim play rest or practice.
  • Activities:
    • Nature experiences and exercises for Body Mind and Soul to prepare for the day
    • Relaxation and meditation to get ready for the healing and learning;
    • Lectures, demonstrations and processes for KaHuna massage;
    • Demonstrations and practice of KaHuna Massage.
  • 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm:
    • Delicious vegetarian dinner prepared with LOVE.
  • 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm:
Healing and sharing time of learnings of the day.

Our Venue — High Spirits Retreat — is Special in So Many Ways

In the quiet of the Noosa hinterland, on the outskirts of the small township of Kin Kin, atop a large hill run through with crystal quartz, sits High Spirits Retreat.

A purpose-built sanctuary of peace and tranquillity resonating with amplified healing energies to support your journey of transformation.

We know setting out on a new path can be daunting . . .

There are so many things in life to prioritise….your doubts arise….and then there’s the money!

You might be like so many others, putting off putting yourself first, waiting until the time is right or for some cosmic sign to make a move….

Just imagine you’ve completely transformed your life. Boredom, stress and worry are a thing of the past. Your body is strong, fit and healthy – in fact, it’s the best it’s ever been. You’ve created for yourself a thriving, vibrant practice facilitating transformational experiences with your clients.

KaHuna 1 & 2 Practitioner Level

This profoundly transformative 6 day/5 night experiential experience is only . . .

AUD$1,698 full price

VALUED at $6000

What’s included:

  • Exclusive use of the retreat facilities, including access to the Sauna, Spa and Swimming Pool each day for your deep immersion and comfort
  • Guided nature adventures for your personal and spiritual growth
  • Food and Accommodation (valued at $900)
  • 5 x Buffet Breakfasts (Sat – Fri)
  • 6 x Lunches (Fri – Fri)
  • 5 x Dinners (Fri – Thur)
  • Morning and Afternoon snacks and refreshments
  • 5 x nights’ Accommodation on-site at High Spirits Retreat
  • Learn from expert facilitators – INVALUABLE
  • Receive a Practitioner Certificate (incl. 100 hours of training in person) – AND GET ACCESS TO PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE WITH IICT AND AON
  • One-on-one coaching and assessments to build your confidence and competence
  • All equipment included – you just rock up, we’ve got you sorted
  • Become a member of our post-grad KaHuna Lomi Lomi student network – ONGOING SUPPORT
  • BONUS: FREE 7 Steps to a Better Life – learn all about the HUNA philosophy (valued at $499)