KaHuna Massage

KaHuna Massage Courses Overview

All courses include food and accommodation for the full course duration.

  • Level 1 & 2 - Practitioner Level

    This 6 day training course is very intensive with lots of massage and focus is placed on making the student confident in giving a full body massage. During the training focus is also placed on the emotional and spiritual effect of massage therapy.

    Upon completion you will receive an academic transcript.

    • Body reading to develop skill in recognising signs of stress and to develop intuition;
    • Huna energy balance systems, using the Polynesian energy points of the body;
    • How to use the seven principles of Huna in your everyday life;
    • Special dances;
    • Basic Lomi Lomi massage of back, legs and face;
    • Huna philosophy – meditation for healing and relaxation;
    • Energy work: how to keep the energy flowing without getting tired and burned out;
    • How to create flow throughout the body and reduce tension;
    • Balancing of masculine and feminine energies;
    • Frontal massage – intuitive and guided;
    • Full body massage – timed sessions;
    • Correction of your own style.
  • Level 3 - Advanced Level

    This 6 day training course has been designed to strengthen and enhance the practitioners skills, offering a very technical process and getting the practitioner ready for clients with different issues, injuries and problem areas.

    This level completes the part of our training where techniques are the main focus. Should you decide to further your studies with Mettes Institute, the following levels offer a more holistic approach focusing predominantly on the mental and spiritual side of massage therapy.

    Upon completion you will receive a certificate which is endorsed by the International Institute For Complementary Therapists. This will give you easy access to professional insurance.

    You will receive a certificate on completion of level 3.

    • Pregnancy massage;
    • Polynesian floor work;
    • Body draining systems and under body techniques;
    • Joint and bone massage;
    • Light and heavy pressure massage;
    • How to be professional with healing;
    • Body language and body awareness;
    • Ho’oponopono meditation … helps you make your personal relationships more healthy and rewarding.
  • Level 4 - Rites of Passage

    A rite of page is a ceremony and marks the transition from one phase of life to another. It can refer to any of life’s transitions (births and beginnings, initiations, partnering, and endings or death). There are many passages in our lives if we choose to mark and celebrate them.

    I like to extend that definition to include rituals and ceremonies that help adults transition to new life roles along the path of adulthood and elderhood. These rite of passage experiences can help us to live more fully and with a stronger sense of personal responsibility for all aspects of our lives. Hopefully, this expansion of personal responsibility will then be passed on to the larger world, of which we are a part.

    If we create and support participation with intention in a rite of passage, ritual or ceremony, the experience provides a space for the participants to be connected and have a sense of tribe, family or community.

    Celebrating milestones is an important part of the human experience, from birthday parties to acknowledging years of service for work. The KaHuna massage provide an opportunity to go through transition in life then help the transformation that take place for the individual to suit their need , mostly we aim for ease and grace.

    This 5 ½ day training course focuses on deepening the understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit. It prepares the practitioner to deal professionally with clients emotional releases which may occur during massages. This course also offers an opportunity for goal setting and for gaining clarity on a personal level.

    Discover your full potential as a human being and as a bodyworker.

  • Level 5 - Initiation & Integration

    This 5 day training course is focusing on the integration of previous level. It is offering an understanding of the relationship between our state of mind and the four elements, earth, water, fire and air.

    At this level guest clients are invited in order to create an open and safe dialogue around the emotional and spiritual effects of Kahuna massage.

    You will receive a certificate on completion of level 5.

    • Working with release techniques;
    • Meditation for clients;
    • 1 day of supervised clinic working with clients;
    • How to free the mind and emotions from outside distractions;
    • Improve on your skills as a bodyworker, gain new inspiration and correction of your style.
  • Level 6 - Spiritual Adventure

    This 6 day training course is focusing on voice healing, deep bone & belly massage. You will open up to yet again another dimension of training. Minimum of one year experience is required.

    In depth work with the elements;

    • Psychometry;
    • Trance states using breath and voice l Open up your voice, chanting, toning;
    • Healing tools: more techniques, voice healing, walk on body, skeletal massage;
    • Correction of style;
    • Deep meditations and lots of surprises.

    You will receive a certificate on completion of level 6.

  • Level 7 - Sacred Soul Mastery

    This 6 day training course was born in a dream in 1999 and finally manifested after all these years. Together with other Bodyworkers (Kahuna level 6’s) you will practice and experience flying, yoga, dance, rituals, cleansing, meditations, chanting, love & laughter. Including some new elemental tricks and tools.

    • Have time to connect with inner and outer space;
    • Give and receive Kahuna massage and healing rituals;
    • Use tools and elements within our treatments;
    • Cleanse on a physical level with bodywork, yoga, flying, nature, sauna’s, swims, wind, water, earth, food and breath.

    ‘Your physical body is the temple in which dwells your soul, awaiting to be freely expressed in the joyful dance of life.’

    You will receive a certificate on completion of level 7.

For your convenience we have created a small movie sample of this beautiful style of massage characterized by its soothing flow. Our training is very practical with lots of hands-on time and with focus also on the emotional and spiritual aspect of massage. Having offered training courses in Australia since 1994, Mette’s Institute is now represented by more than three thousand therapists around the country. Should you consider embarking on a career in natural therapies, or furthering your already acquired skills then you will find our training very affordable and holistic in its approach. We look forward to welcoming you to High Spirits Retreat soon.

What is KaHuna Massage

KaHuna massage is a flowing style of massage, providing a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in its physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. It is with deep respect for the Hawaiian culture that Mette is combining her dance and movement experience with this beautiful flowing style of massage. The philosophical and intellectual aspect of Mette’s training is inspired by her personal experience with the Danish ‘Folkehøjskole’ (‘Folk High School’) philosophy and Serge Kahili King’s interpretation of the Hawaiians outlook on life, through his seven Huna principles. Mette also holds an array of qualifications in the field of natural therapies and completed her teachers qualification at the College of Education in Denmark.

Why study with us

  • Gain fitness and personal strength;
  • Be supported by a reputable school;
  • Obtain an understanding of the emotional and spiritual aspects of massage;
  • Train in an absolute private and safe environment;
  • Develop heart opening skills to potentially generate an extra income.

We are open and available for any person who wishes to work for themselves, explore the body, the mind and the spirit and to obtain more balance, energy and love in life.

IKE – The world is what you think it is – I’m Aware

KALA – There are no limits – I’m Free

MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes – I’m Focused

MANAWA – Now is the moment of power – I’m Here

ALOHA – To love is to be happy with – I’m Happy

MANA – All power comes from within – I’m Confident

PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth – I’m Positive

Much more than just a massage

Your physical body is the Temple, in which dwells your Soul, awaiting to be freely expressed in the joyful dance of life.

At times we all questions the lifestyle we lead. If you wish to find answers, learn and deal with stress and relationship problems, learn to understand and control your emotions and interact with others – KaHuna Bodywork is for you. At the same time you will become more physically fit and energized.

The essence of KaHuna Bodywork and philosophy dates back thousands of years to the days of myth and magic. Today much of the myth have vanished, but the magic definitely endures through healing hands.

Our human body is designed to reflect perfect unity of body mind and soul. Consequently disharmony in one area mirrors disharmony in other areas.

Long stores of anger, resentment, fear and other negative feelings may manifest as muscular and skeletal soreness, tumors or illnesses. These states can successfully be released using KaHuna Bodywork as part of the healing. The bodyworker is trained to support the client in their self healing process. As “all power comes from within”, it will be demonstrated how healing takes place for both the giver and the receiver.

The Body

The joy of life takes over as the mind and body are set free.

Massage is probably the oldest and most simple of all treatments. Massage has been known and used for thousands of years and massage is still one of the most beneficial ways to keeping the body free from stress. In sports, psychotherapy, and various natural therapeutic methods massage is used as a very efficient way to relieving pain and repairing injuries.

‘The most Unique, Fantastic and Amazing massage you have ever received’.

The Mind

Our mind has the power to create the life we wish for ourselves.

The beach, sand and the lush green grass massage your feet and you feel the earth. The fresh, salty air cleanses your lungs and you breathe life. The flames of the fire draw your eyes and you find your inner balance with connection and clear thoughts. The ocean water mirrors a new person with a sparkling, clear reflection – you!

Upcoming KaHuna Massage Courses

– All prices include food and accommodation for the full course duration.
– All prices are inclusive of GST.
– Airport transfers and bedding hire is not included in the prices.

Please note that in case any course or retreat is postponed due to COVID-19
all funds will be transferred to a later course or retreat.

Please enquire about availability on any (and all) courses before registering.

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june 2022

21jun(jun 21)2:00 pm26(jun 26)2:00 pmKaHuna Level 1 & 2 - Intensive BodyworkPractitioner Level

july 2022

01jul2:00 pm06(jul 6)2:00 pmKaHuna Level 3 - Advanced BodyworkAdvanced Level

august 2022

16aug(aug 16)2:00 pm21(aug 21)2:00 pmKaHuna Level 1 & 2 - Intensive BodyworkPractitioner Level

september 2022

04sep(sep 4)2:00 pm09(sep 9)2:00 pmKaHuna Level 6 - Spiritual AdventureVoice healing, deep bone & belly massage!

16sep(sep 16)9:00 am20(sep 20)5:00 pmKaHuna Level 7 - Elemental & VibrationalSacred Soul Mastery

27sep(sep 27)2:00 pm02oct(oct 2)2:00 pmKaHuna Level 1 & 2 - Intensive BodyworkPractitioner Level

october 2022

07oct(oct 7)2:00 pm12(oct 12)2:00 pmKaHuna Level 3 - Advanced BodyworkAdvanced Level

november 2022

08nov(nov 8)2:00 pm13(nov 13)2:00 pmKaHuna Level 1 & 2 - Intensive BodyworkPractitioner Level

22nov(nov 22)2:00 pm27(nov 27)9:00 amKaHuna Level 4 - Rites of Passage

30nov(nov 30)2:00 pm04dec(dec 4)9:00 amKaHuna Level 5 - Initiation & IntegrationRites of Passage

Our KaHuna massage training is accredited by the ‘International Institute for Complementary Therapists’ giving students access to very affordable professional insurance.