Transform Your Leadership and Facilitation Skills

I know if you believe in yourself, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. The more you know yourself, the greater your influence in the world and your chosen path.” – Mette Sorensen

Are you ready to take your leadership and facilitation skills to new heights? Join our immersive Leadership & Facilitators Programme, now in its 10th year, and embark on a transformative journey that combines practice-based exercises and theory to make leading and facilitating groups a straightforward and rewarding experience.

An eight day program giving participants a unique style of training which incorporates traditional leadership and facilitator methodologies and tools. This program has a very practical approach and real situations are simulated to give participants the skills to be able to confidently design and deliver appropriate and effective training programs to groups and individuals. Whether you are a yoga teacher, personal trainer, presenter of corporate programs, business leader, or a parent, this program will enable you to be clear and honest in your communication and promote a change within a group and its individuals.

Why Choose Our Programme:

  • Design & Deliver with Confidence: Learn the foundations to design and deliver impactful training workshops, events, or retreats.
  • Expand Professional Abilities: Elevate your professional leadership and facilitation skills in a safe and immersive environment.
  • Diversify Revenue Streams: Gain the confidence and skills to offer workshop facilitation as a significant new revenue stream.

What You Will Learn:

  • Lead and facilitate groups in an engaging and powerful way.
  • Design and deliver your own group retreat or programme.
  • Foster a sense of safety and belonging for participants to be their best.
  • Enhance presentation skills using voice and body language.
  • Collaborate effectively with others to create impactful experiences.
  • Address group challenges with finesse and grace.
  • Delight participants, leaving them satisfied and energized.

Your Perfect Learning Environment:

Immerse yourself in experiential learning at The High Spirits Retreat in the beautiful Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. Unplug from the daily bustle, recharge your body and mind with nutritious foods, daily saunas, and leadership and facilitation practices.

The Programme at a Glance:


One to one coaching calls – 30 minute zoom session


One to one coaching calls – 30 minute zoom session

Study Group – Kick off – zoom


Full week Intensive to equip you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to lead your own training programmes, retreats and experiences


One to one coaching call – integration to get testimonials

What’s included:

  • 8 days of intensive tuition and hands-on practical learning at High Spirits Retreat.
  • Two one-to-one coaching calls to ensure you’re fully prepared.
  • One further coaching call post the intensive week.
  • Learn from expert facilitators with over 40 years of combined experience.
  • Study Group calls before and after the retreat week.
  • Wholesome, nutritious meals & snacks throughout the programme.
  • Onsite accommodation at High Spirits Retreat.
  • Exclusive use of retreat facilities, including sauna and swimming pool.
  • Guided nature adventures for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Membership in a post-grad community of practice network for ongoing support.

Subjects included:

  • Group dynamics – theory and practice.
  • How to create atmosphere.
  • How to gain strength and energy to lead and facilitate.
  • Games/Ice Breakers.
  • Holistic strategies for leading/facilitating groups.
  • How to maintain overview and flow in a process.
  • Communication – speech and body language.
  • Presentation, planning and time management.
  • How to achieve student participation through a “yes” attitude.
  • Design and layout of training programs.
  • Holistic Marketing: How to build awareness and find customers.

Benefits of attending:

  • Develop a clear understanding of your true purpose and potential in life.
  • Become a confident, empowered leader/facilitator.
  • Reduce frustration and save time and money through clear design, planning and preparation.
  • Design your own programs – live in/live out; short/long.
  • Foster a sense of safety and belonging to allow people to be their best.
  • Make learning interesting, fun and effective.
  • Make group work more engaging and dynamic.
  • Support people to have courageous conversations, particularly when they are experiencing strong emotions.
  • Experiential training – you are the facilitator from the moment you arrive.
  • Train with a small group of like-minded people (12-18).
  • Deal with constant challenges easily and with skill.
  • Become a more effective collaborator in decision-making for greater ownership and impact.
  • Work well with diversity, rank and power without shaming.
  • Lifestyle management – earn money expressing your gifts.
  • Create your dreams and participate in changing the world.

***When you have completed the program, you will have the confidence and skills to add workshop facilitation as one of your service offerings. Early practice facilitators can earn between $1,000 – $1,500 per day.***

Meet Your Course Leader: Mette Sorensen

Mette Sorensen, Principal & Owner at High Spirits Retreat, is a revered figure in the world of KaHuna bodywork and personal growth started teaching in 1979 in Denmark and for over 30 years, she’s shared her expertise, shaping more than 5,000 practitioners worldwide and nurturing a thriving community of graduates teaching Heartworks Lomi Lomi techniques across the globe.

Born in Denmark, Mette’s journey began amidst a community-driven upbringing steeped in spiritual practices from her grandparents. Her lifelong pursuit of knowledge encompasses a diverse array of healing modalities and extensive travels, honing her skills in adult education.

In 2003, she and her husband, Jorgen, established “High Spirits Retreat” in Australia, a sanctuary dedicated to personal and spiritual development. Mette’s commitment to facilitating transformative experiences shines through her contagious energy and unwavering dedication to nurturing individual growth.

Mette’s teachings emphasize responsible and professional methods, ensuring graduates leave with confidence and competence. Her institute’s graduates are making impactful contributions to leading health resorts, day spas, and clinics worldwide.

Guided by her belief in self-empowerment, Mette aspires to cultivate catalysts for personal growth, offering unique programs and retreats that empower individuals to reach their highest potential. Her unwavering commitment to teaching from the heart resonates through every transformative experience she facilitates.

Mette’s inspiring leadership and dedication have touched the lives of countless practitioners and continue to illuminate paths of self-discovery and transformation for those on their journey.

Recognized as a visionary teacher, Mette guides aspiring leaders, trainers, and facilitators. Her dedication to imparting profound wisdom and expertise has shaped over 150 practitioners through specialized train-the-trainer programs. Graduates have established their healing clinics and now actively teach Heartworks Lomi Lomi techniques across continents, exponentially spreading the positive influence of Mette’s transformative programs.

Mette’s approach is rooted in meticulous research and personalized education, fostering individual growth in each student. At High Spirits Retreat, she champions professional and ethical teaching methodologies, ensuring participants graduate with knowledge and unwavering confidence in their newfound skills. A holistic approach to leadership and Facilitation is an essential part of her approach.

An author of “Pass It On – Connection Games and Insights for Work, Home, and Community,” Mette extends her teachings beyond the retreat. Her recorded meditation products offer a gateway to tranquillity, reflecting her commitment to the global community’s wellness. Beyond borders, Mette’s dedication to community building and holistic healing resonates locally and overseas, fostering a collective spirit of well-being and harmony.

Meet Your Course Co-Facilitator: Lawrence Mitchell

Passionate about helping people leaders unlock their full potential, Lawrence’s journey has led him through diverse roles in large public corporations, medium-sized private enterprises, fast-growth startups, and small businesses across the UK, America, and Asia. He brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the table, relishing the opportunity to assist business owners and visionaries in turning their concepts into reality.

Lawrence was Chief Marketing Officer for 9 years for a division of the RELX Group, and was part of the Leadership Team that saw the business transform from a declining, trade magazine business into a $4bn data, analytics and software business. It was whilst working for the RELX Group in London that Lawrence developed an interest in holistic wellbeing, initially from a self leadership perspective, and then through a recognition that the only way to successfully and sustainably transform a business was by supporting people to build resilience to better cope with the inevitable pressures, challenges and change.

In 2014, Lawrence took on the role of Chief Wellbeing Officer and developed the award winning ‘Living Well Programme’ that has since gone on to impact the lives of 13k employees working in 50 locations around the world.

Since moving to Australia in 2016, Lawrence’s focus has been on three areas:

1. Wellbeing at Work World:
Guiding leaders to recognise and prioritize wellbeing as a strategic imperative in their organizations is at the heart of my mission. With a decade of experience in Workplace Wellbeing, he has spearheaded global projects and observed the evolving landscape. In a time of accelerating change and new legislation, his aim is to help build sustainably high-performance cultures and mitigate risks through large events, small gatherings, and tailored programmes.

2. Holistic Marketing:
Specializing in empowering business owners, especially those in purpose-driven organisations, Lawrence assists in crafting clear growth strategies. Drawing from my background in both public companies and startups, he offers a wealth of skills, knowledge, and behaviours to help manifest ideas, clearly define proposition and communicate those propositions to build volume.

3. Leadership Development:
Aiding leaders in evolving their skills and behaviours, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to navigate their own wellbeing and resilience during times of pressure, challenge, and change. Additionally, he provides support in developing the confidence and skills needed to lead teams effectively and engage in authentic one-on-one conversations with team members.
He is the host of the Finding EQUILIBRIUM Podcast, and the author of three books on wellbeing, including: Success without Stress: How to Prevent Burnout and Build Resilience for Optimal Health and Performance.

Who is this for?

This leadership & Facilitation training is for you if your role includes being responsible for others, leading in a group or team setting – from personal meetings to project or campaign sessions.

Why with us?

Our emphasis on emotional resilience is a key point of difference in doing this deeper work with us. It helps you handle challenges much more effectively, to be ready to step in and stand by individuals, the group or yourself. It helps develop greater self-compassion – a springboard for the ability to hear and understand each other.

Mette’s Institute use their extensive experience and capacity to hold an environment where the dynamics of the group can flourish. This provides you with reflections and genuine feedback from your peers which, together with specific in-session coaching, can open up powerful new insights about how you operate.

Mette’s Institute trains you in more than technique: we support you to strengthen your courage to intervene and equalise power in the room, so your participants are free to focus on their goals, not the dynamics. We offer an enjoyable learning environment, with delicious meals, light-filled training rooms and leafy outdoor spaces. This is a well-supported emotional learning adventure, to rearrange your internal landscape – which is why we can say you’ll never be the same again.

Your Investment:

  • $2,898
  • Super early bird offer: 20% off (book before November 30th)
  • Early bird: 15% off (book before February 28th)

Course Schedule:

A day may include nature experiences, nutritious meals, group activities, presentations, creative play, team building, self-care time, and healing/sharing sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Not sure about your experience level? The program supports all levels, from newcomers to those looking to enhance their skills.
  • Justify the investment by gaining deeper knowledge and adding valuable services to your offerings.

Imagine Your Transformation:

Picture yourself as a confident leader and facilitator, having transformed your perceptions and invested in your personal and professional growth. Say yes to the journey that will ripple positive change into your world of work and personal life.

Mette’s Book: ‘PASS IT ON’

A Workbook for Facilitators & Educators of Alternative Therapies

Mette’s practical workbook for Facilitators & Educators features a range of creative activities for Team Building, Reflection and Trust.

Each section provides games and insights to assist the development of group dynamics:

  • Shift Energy – Create an Atmosphere
  • Help People Learn – Allow “Mistakes”
  • Make Learning Easy – Remember names
  • A Leader or a Follower – Express your Voice
  • Connect to Emotions – Develop a Sense of Play
  • Move the Body – Deep Listening
  • Being Juicy – Have Fun!