Magical Cleansing Day

24feb8:00 am6:00 pmMagical Cleansing DayFeel rejuvenated and re-balanced

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Magical Cleansing Day

We look forward to welcoming you to High Spirits for the Magical Cleansing Day. The Magical Cleansing DAY Retreat is an opportunity to receive 3 – 4 treatments during one day, nurturing and deep HEALING. We look forward to helping you release stress, sadness, fear, and anger or, if you wish, cleansing your body of the many toxic wastes accumulated over the years. Mindfulness, Meditation and Magic will be here for you.

We will guide you in relaxing your body, mind and soul and assist you in making changes on many levels. Experience independence and freedom. Feel rejuvenated and re-balanced.

Our bodyworkers are all trained in the powerful KaHuna massage and healing principles and specialise in Huna therapy.


  • A gentle physical exercise program, yoga and meditations to wake the body, mind and soul. This helps free the mind of worries and enhances the cleansing process.
  • During the day, our bodyworkers will treat you with the magical touch of the healing Ka Huna Bodywork. At times, one or more bodyworkers will be massaging you to assist further depth to the treatments.
  • HEALTHY juices, snacks and smoothies or soups will be served during the day.
  • The lecture will be about Huna philosophy. How to relate this to your everyday life, and how can you use this to balance your body, mind and spirit.
  • It is a time for relaxation and fun (laughter therapy).
  • You will be nurtured, pampered and cared for.

Energy starts to move in the body and begins to a new rhythm. You will experience the release of tightness or pain locked in the body’s tissues. Psychological stress developed in the early years of childhood may also be released along with any other emotional trauma.

Benefits of being at High Spirits Retreat you may be more aware, free, focused, happy and positive in your life. So the beauty will radiate out to your home, work and community. What an opportunity!!!


  • Towel, sarong, swimwear, hat, water bottle – loose, comfortable clothing.

This is a day where Level 5 KaHuna massage practitioners are practising on you as an invited client while supervised by experienced facilitators.


We recommend you eat lightly a few days beforehand and drink plenty of water. We would love to have your beautiful body at High Spirits Retreat and thank you for allowing our KaHuna Bodyworkers to work their magic on you during this day. Lectures and activities to support your healing are offered on the day.

Your Investment: $398
Early Bird Special: $298
Saturday  24th February, 8 am
Departure: Saturday 24th February, 6 pm


High Spirits Retreat, Kin Kin QLD


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